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Sol Del Domingo - AZUL
Jacinta Clusellas

Sol Del Domingo - AZUL

AZUL is a Latin American bilingual musical about artistry and the immigrant experience Music by Jacinta Clusellas Book by Tatiana Pandiani and Melis Aker Lyrics by Jacinta Clusellas, Tatiana Pandiani and Melis Aker Arrangements and Orchestrations by Alex Lacamoire and Jacinta Clusellas Vocal Arrangements by Kurt Crowley and Jacinta Clusellas Music Direction by Kurt Crowley and Alex Lacamoire Directed by Tatiana Pandiani Video directed by Alessio Romano, a Studio42Brooklyn Production Cast: Katerina McCrimmon Robi Hager Henry Gainza Shereen Pimentel Florencia Cuenca Xavier Cano Cedric Leiba Jr Band: Kurt Crowley - Piano Federico Diaz - Guitars, Charango Adele Stein - Cello Josh Plotner - Clarinet Pablo Lanouguere - Bass Franco Pinna - Drums Camera: Alessio Romano, Brandon Unpingco, Adrien H. Tillmann Recording and Mixing Engineer: Alex Venguer Recorded at Reservoir Studios, NYC Additional Recordings by Recording Engineer Alessio Romano at Studio42Brooklyn Assistant Engineer: Thom Beemer Music Assistant: Stephanie Leah Evans Mastering Engineer: Oscar Zambrano Vocal Production: Kurt Crowley and Bri Holland Producing Consultant: Ryan Duncan-Ayala Artwork: Azul Santamarina Animation: Stefania Bulbarella Casting: Michael Cassara, CSA Producer: Jacinta Clusellas The AZUL EP recording was funded in part by the NYC Women’s Fund for Media, Music and Theatre Special thanks to all our supporters 💙 AZUL is a Latin American bilingual musical about artistry and the immigrant experience. Set in a world of magic realism, Act One is a musical fable prequel. It follows an ambitious young woman, Blue Bird, who leaves her home behind and travels to the New World in hopes of making a living and a life as a poet. In present-day New York City, Act Two is a coming-of-age tale following Blue Bird’s daughter, Rita. A first generation American, Rita is a composer struggling to write an album about a motherland she has never known. When attempting to make her music more authentic, she uncovers a family secret that debunks the stories she heard as a child. She must now reimagine her parents’ past, as well as the future of her own artistry. AZUL weaves together these two distinct worlds to explore how memory and imagination shape immigrant stories. Driven by a constellation of songs rooted in Latin American folklore, AZUL is a spectacle in the legacy of book musicals, as well as a deep dive into intergenerational stories shaping immigrant identity.
Caramoor gala video 2023
Rama Nama Raag Darbari - Jake Charkey  | North Indian Cello | Hindustani Classical | Gayaki Ang
Jake Charkey

Rama Nama Raag Darbari - Jake Charkey | North Indian Cello | Hindustani Classical | Gayaki Ang

Rama Nama Raag Darbari Credits Jake Charkey - Cello Naren Bhudkar - Tabla Vitor Hirsch - Audio Recording/Mixing Alessio Romano - Director of Photography Brandon Unpingco & Alessio Romano - Camera Operators Studio42Brooklyn - Production Blue Gallery NYC - Filmed and Recorded Official YouTube Channel for New York/Mumbai - based musician, composer, and producer Jake Charkey. Subscribe to see new Jake Charkey first: Follow Jake Charkey On: IMDB: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: SoundCloud: Official Website: Watch More Jake Charkey: Jake Charkey Hindustani Cello: Jake Charkey Background Score and Soundtracks for TV/Films: Jake Charkey TV Performances: Jake Charkey Collaborations: He is an award-winning American western and Hindustani classically trained cellist, composer & producer. Based between New York and Mumbai, specializing in cinematic music with an emphasis on orchestral and Indian influences. Co-founder of Rose Productions. He is a disciple of the renowned violinist Padmabhushan Dr. N. Rajam in the rare Gayaki Ang style and is one of the few cellists in the world performing Indian music on the cello. Jake Charkey Bio: He studied cello in the Western Classical tradition under Paul Cohen, Leopold Teraspulsky, and finally with Norman Fischer at the Shepherd School of music at Rice University in Houston, TX. Seeking to broaden his musical skills and vocabulary after conservatory training, he took an interest in Hindustani music. His studies began in Toronto with the sarangi player, Aruna Narayan, who urged him to adapt Hindustani music to cello rather than learn an Indian instrument. He continued in Los Angeles where he took up intensive training with Jagan Ramamoorthy, a senior disciple of the violin virtuoso Padmabushan Dr. N. Rajam. He completed his M.F.A. at CalArts in Hindustani music under the guidance of Aashish Khan and Swapan Chaudhuri and with additional instruction on cello and contemporary techniques from Erika Duke-Kirkpatrick. While at Cal-Arts he also incorporated other modalities of improvisation into his playing with Vinny Golia, Wadada Leo Smith, and Charlie Haden. After grad school, Jake moved to Montreal, where continued to perform Hindustani music, both as a soloist and accompanist for Kathak dance, and was an occasional collaborator with tUnEyArds. In 2010 he traveled to India with an arts fellowship from the Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute to support formal study under Padmabushan Dr. N. Rajam with whom he continued to learn for the 6 years he stayed there. He recorded for dozens of Indian films and performed with many of the most celebrated musicians in Bollywood including artists like Zakir Hussain, Hariharan, Yesudas, Arijit Singh, and Master Saleem, among many others. His unique sound can be heard on Clinton Cerejo's season 2 of MTV's Coke Studio, multiple episodes of MTV Unplugged along with Armaan Malik, Pritam, and in a number of Bollywood soundtracks. Jake has also arranged strings for several TV Series and films including Emmy Award nominee 'Sacred Games' His company Rose Productions LLC exclusively represents the New York Grand Central Symphony Orchestra for India and has contracted, produced, and managed the Grand Central for globally acclaimed singer Arijit Singh's April 2017 Tour of the USA (Atlanta, Chicago, San Jose, Washington, New Jersey, Dallas, Houston, Austin) and Arijit Singh's September2015 tour of the USA (New York, Orlando, Houston, Oakland, LA, Dallas, Chicago). Since returning to the USA in 2016 Jake performs with Layale Chaker and Sarafand. He also performs with Adam Rudolph’s GO Organic Orchestra and is a frequent collaborator with the Brooklyn Raga Massive. He has been an advocate for new music for solo cello which he programs in recitals alongside Hindustani music. #cello #indiancello #jakecharkey #raga #raagdarbari #indianclassicalmusic #livemusic #concerts #hindustanicello #ragastrings #brooklynmusic #gayakiangcello #gayakiang #indianclassicalcello #ragacello #celloang #hindustaniclassicalmusic #performance #brooklynmusic #nycmusic #solocello #northindiancello #musica #classicalmusic #cellists #संगीत #音乐 #musique #musik #음악 #музыка #виолончель #첼로 #festivals #violoncello
Immanuel Wilkins: Tiny Desk (Home) Concert
NPR Music

Immanuel Wilkins: Tiny Desk (Home) Concert

NPR Music's Tiny Desk series will celebrate Black History Month by featuring four weeks of Tiny Desk (home) concerts and playlists by Black artists spanning different genres and generations each week. The lineup includes both emerging and established artists who will be performing a Tiny Desk concert for the first time. This celebration highlights the beautiful cornucopia of Black music and our special way of presenting it. We hope you enjoy. Suraya Mohamed | February 3, 2021 Candles and books rest on a trunk at the bottom right corner of the wide shot. There, too, are special photographs of alto saxophonist Immanuel Wilkins with family in his childhood home in Philadelphia. "One of the brightest things about this pandemic was going home to spend time with my mother, father and grandmother after being on the road for a while," Wilkins told NPR recently. He also had time to meet up with his long time bandmates — Micah Thomas on piano, Daryl Johns on bass, Kweku Sumbry on drums —in Manhattan's Sear Sound studio to record this set. The quartet has been playing together for years, which is remarkable considering Wilkins is only 23 years old. In 2019, they recorded Wilkins' debut album, Omega, and released it last year to high acclaim. The project is all about Blackness, Black theory, the Black experience and the struggle and triumph that go with it all. With a carefully crafted form and melody, "Grace and Mercy" is a lyrical story about peace, forgiveness and humility. "Warriors" is a driving, dynamic tune that conveys the shield of protection provided by our inner circles. "The Dreamer" is a tender piece that honors the Black writer and activist James Weldon Johnson and is based on his poem "A Midday Dreamer." The opening lines are played effortlessly on bass by Johns and when Wilkins joins in, his melodic saxophone exudes the rhythm of the poem's first stanza: "I love to sit alone, and dream, and dream, and dream..." SET LIST "Grace and Mercy" "Warriors" "The Dreamer" MUSICIANS Immanuel Wilkins: saxophone Daryl Johns: bass Micah Thomas: piano Kweku Sumbry: drums CREDITS Video and Audio: Brandon Unpingco, Alessio Romano for Studio 42 Brooklyn and Chris Allen Creative Direction: Sekai Abeni, Machel Ross Scenic Design: Frank Oliva, Rodrigo Fernandez Lighting Consultant: Cheyenne Sykes TINY DESK TEAM Producer: Suraya Mohamed Video Producer: Morgan Noelle Smith Audio Mastering: Josh Rogosin Art Director: CJ Riculan Associate Producer: Bobby Carter Tiny Production Team: Bob Boilen, Kara Frame, Maia Stern Executive Producer: Lauren Onkey Senior VP, Programming: Anya Grundmann
Sorte! - Music by John Finbury featuring Thalma de Freitas (GRAMMY® Nominee 2020)
John Finbury

Sorte! - Music by John Finbury featuring Thalma de Freitas (GRAMMY® Nominee 2020)

Sorte! is the title track of the 2020 Grammy® nominated album in Best Latin Jazz. It marks the first collaboration between Latin Grammy and Grammy nominated composer John Finbury and Afro-Brazilian singer-songwriter-actress Thalma de Freitas, whose early co-writing credits include Brazilian household names like João Donato and Céu. Sorte! is a love letter about serendipity, how "great mistakes also mean luck", uplifting the feelings of trust in the Universe, which always has our back and conspires in favor of Love. The classic explanation of serendipity reads “Luck is when opportunity finds us prepared". This GRAMMY® nominated album was produced by Latin Grammy winner Emilio D. Miler, who assembled an all-star band for this recording, featuring: Vitor Gonçalves - piano & Rhodes Chico Pinheiro - guitar John Patitucci - bass Duduka da Fonseca - drums Airto Moreira - percussion SORTE! music by John Finbury lyrics by Thalma de Freitas produced by Emilio D. Miler Recorded by Ari Lavigna at The Powerstation at Berklee NYC Airto Moreira recorded by Brent Hahn and Ron McCoy at Studio NoHo, LA Mixed by Ari Lavigna at Nómade Mix Mastered by Carlos Freitas at Classic Master Video Production by Studio42Brooklyn Directed by Alessio Romano 2nd camera operator Vitor Hirsh 3rd camera operator Gerardo Vitale Post production by Alessio Romano Lyrics Sorte! Quando a serendipidade Abençoa o buscador Num golpe de sorte redentor Revelando a providência em seu esplendor São milagres da ciência desafiando a razão Santa distração E universos paralelos revelar-se-ão Nossa trajetória pode ser Sorte! Muito prazer te conhecer Sorte! Erros excelentes também são Sorte! Poderosa distração Então acidentalmente nossa história começou, Num golpe de sorte assustador Um atalho, um ato falho, o susto, o riso, a flor São milagres da vivência desafiando a razão Santa comunhão E universos paralelos sintonizarão Nossa trajetória só pode ser Sorte! Muito prazer te conhecer Sorte! Erros excelentes também são Sorte! Curiosa precisão Lyrics by Thalma de Freitas © 2018 Greenflash Publishing, LLC Luck! When serendipity Blesses the Seeker In a redeeming stroke of luck Revealing Providence in Its Splendor They're miracles of science defying reason Holly Distraction And parallel universes will reveal themselves Our trajectory can be ... Luck! Such a pleasure to meet you... Luck! Excellent mistakes are also... Luck! Powerful distraction... And so accidentally our story began, In a redeeming stroke of luck A shortcut, a Freudian slip, a scare, a laugh, a flower They are miracles of experience that defy reason Holy communion And parallel universes will tune in Our trajectory can be ... Luck! Such a pleasure to meet you... Luck! Excellent mistakes are also... Luck! Curious accuracy...

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